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Releases + NEWS!

Okies. Yep Yep. XDD Finally we release, but they’re only teasers. XDD. I uploaded the releases onto the server to see how much bandwidth you guys will consume and im testing out our server. XD There will be no hotlinking with our server releases even if youre an official host.

Since The Bride of the Water God has become such a hassle for us, we will be dropping it after Chapters 16-18 and the scanlation of the rest of the chapters will be done by another group.

There are some things i am in the process of doing:

  1. Creating the new forum:
    I wont be updating Bishie Revolution Forum. We are only really using it now as a place for the scan group to talk. I’m preparing the new board. >_< and i hope its up and running by the time our anniversary comes.
  2. Creating the new website:
    When the website is done and finished with. All our releases will be PUBLIC. They will be hosted onto the site so its not required for you to register in the forum and request for a password. But it would be nice if you guys visited the board too ^_-

Now back to our releases: FATE CHAPTER 1 + THE SNOW QUEEN CHAPTER 00

  • Credits for The Snow Queen Chapter 00:
    • Translator: Skylily
    • Proofreader/Qcer: Akemi
    • RAW Provider: Unknown
    • Editor/Typesetter: LIChaos
  • Credits for Fate Chapter 1:
    • Editor/Qcer: RC
    • Translator: Skylily
    • RAW Provider: Kiligaris
    • Editor/Typesetter: adma
    • Proofreader: Wolfdances
      • To show how much you appreciate us XDD, from 1-10 [10 being the highest] rate how interesting each manhwa is.