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TFOE released! Merry Christmas XDDD

  • The Flower of Evil – Chapter 5 Credits:
    -Typesetter: Rain
    -RAW Provider: Kiligaris
    -Korean Translator: Grace
    -Editor/QCer/Proofreader: RC

Hello everyone XD. As you can see, this site is still under construction, but it’s almost completed. Today we have Chapter 5 of the TFOE for you XD. I’m sure everyone would like this chapter, but then scream for the next chapter. ^_^ This chapter you can say Sae-Jun is just being a _________. Hahahaha, i want to spoil it for the readers (=.=)
Well, inside you guys might be wondering why i stuck “that” in there. Okies, let’s just say the “idiot” was really an idiot.
I had to change some of it, but overall it’s exactly like the original. ^_^

Oh and I’ll take this time to congratulate Akemi, our new editor/typesetter/site staff into the group!


Stick around because you’ll like the end results.

  • We really need EDITORS/TRANSLATORS!
    Please apply here if you want faster releases!
  • We also need uploaders/mods for Bishie Revolution!
    Please apply here.

You can find the release in the subforum New Releases: Chapter 5 Thread.

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