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Chiro Star Project Chapter 3!! =]

  • Chiro Chapter 3 Credits:
    -QCer/Editor: RC
    -QCer/Editor: Louisa.
    -Raw Provider: Kiligaris
    -Scanner: Honeyxspoon
    -Editor/Typesetter: Alex
    -Korean Translator: Esthurr

Well, here is the continuation of our christmas present ^_^ walalala CHAPTER 3 OF CHIRO! =] Honestly, i do do do love FOE but i love Chiro even more. >_< In this chapter, you will discover a little bit more of Eun-Yo’s personality, and its a funny chapter too. ^_^ When we release more chiro chapters, i hope everyone becomes addicted because this is A REALLY GREAT MANHWA! >:3

Aww yes, i want you guys to vote for how we should have our download policy for releases: Go here

I uploaded the full chapter, and i split the chapter in half just in case for those who have problems downloading a 24 MB file. I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT if you guys commented about the chapter. ^_^

Here is where the release can be found.

As always we really need staff members in both Bishie Revolution Forum and [ RC-SCANS ]. Especially KOREAN TRANSLATORS! [we need you guys pronto!!!]

  • We really need EDITORS/TRANSLATORS!
    -Please apply here if you want faster releases!
  • We also need uploaders/mods for Bishie Revolution!
    -Please apply here.

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