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Chiro Chapter 4 released XD

  • Chiro Chapter 4 Credits:
    -Scanner: Honeyxspoon
    -Raw Provider: Kiligaris
    -Editor/Typesetter: Smiley
    -Korean Translator: Skylily
    -Editor/Typesetter/Qcer: RC

The 3rd Christmas present to you. ^_^ I had this totally awesome idea bout releasing everyday starting the 25th of December to the 1st of January… i was so psyched to do so too, but after yesterday… i was (O_O) then (>_>) and then (=.=) It seems i wasn’t the only one to have this idea… shoujo manga maniac is doing it too. *depressed* LOLS, but oh wells, i love their releases. XDDDD especially their smut releases. (>_<) Well there you have it, RC loves smut. [not hentai] Well you should all really thank Smiley for making this release possible because it took me bout 45 mins to typeset 1 freaking page. Both my laptops just won’t work well with Photoshop on, and works even worst with both photoshop and microsoft word opened at the same time. =.= I spent all of yesterday QC-editing chapter 4…. and now i have a headache, and i got sick. Lols, what joy.

This file was originally 40 MB, but i decreased the color depth and now its bout 9 MB. >_> It really killed the quality of the scans though, from my perspective. *sigh*

Download the release here.

  • We really need EDITORS/TRANSLATORS!
    -Please apply here if you want faster releases!
  • We also need uploaders/mods for Bishie Revolution!
    -Please apply here.

2 Responses

  1. I don’t think the quality is that bad~~I think people would prefer something that is savable in their computers rather than a huge shiny file with shiny pages. :'[ Although I do like shiny things….

    +pats+ Thank you for your hard work! ^___^

  2. thanks a lot! i look forward to seeing the releases until 1 jan!! =p yes, im greedy!! hahaha.

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