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Chiro Star Project Chapter 5 XDDDD

  • Chiro Chapter 5 Credits:
    -Editor: Scribz
    -Editor/QCer: RC
    -Scanner: Honeyxspoon
    -Raw Provider: Kiligaris
    -Korean Translator: Skylily
    -Editor/QCer/Typesetter: Louisa.

This is our 4th Christmas present. HAHAHAHA. Those of you might be wondering why we released so many Chiro chapters… >_> DONT WORRY, we will release chapters from every one of our projects. Yes yes, this also includes The Bride of the Water God, >_< but i wont tell you what order the releases will come by =P. I’m very proud of all our editors for Chiro Star ^_^. The raws werent exactly perfect, but they manage to clean it well! SO THANK YOU EVERYONE! Now, what does everybody think of Chiro? Oh yes, this release is earlier than usual because i have a life to maintain and wont be coming back to my digital world for another 14 hours. NEWBIE EDITORS, or those who want to be become editors, CONTACT ME! This is different from my recruitment of [ RC-SCANS ]’s editors. This really doesn’t pertain to [ RC-SCANS ] at all. You can message me on the forum or email me. Photoshop would be provided for you, so if you don’t have it then don’t worry. SO DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY.

Lols, and finally this chapter is actually less than 15 MB! >:3
Chapter 5 || Mirror

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6 Responses

  1. ohh thats nice. I haven’t heard of Chiro Star before, but i’ll try it out. Thanks for all your hard work staff. =)
    O.O late christmas presents.
    ^.^ sweet

  2. I ‘ve started to like this manhwa more and more!! Thank you very much for your hard work!!

  3. You guys are awesome! releasing so many chapters! XD ❤ to all of u~

  4. People have got to use this cool comment function more often.

    If you have the time to download, please take the time to leave a word of thanks! Even just “ty” is fine!! ;O;

    Yes, I snagged the download. :’]

    Chiro rocks.

  5. thanks for the new chapter!

  6. ZOMG! i just read it.. and ITCHING FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME MORE CHAPTERS!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO I WANT MORE CHAPTERS! THIS IS SO NOT FAIR!!! T_T *runs away crying*

    -please ignore that weirdo *points at that girl running while crying* –

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