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Chiro Ch6 of Volume TWO!!!

  • Chiro Chapter 6 Credits:
    – Main Editor: Jade
    – Typesetter: Smiley
    – Raw Provider: Kiligaris
    – Korean Translator: Grace
    – Editor/Qcer/Proofreader: RC

Yeahhh… VOLUME 1 IS COMPLETED. ^_^ I think this chapter was edited very well. [congrats to Jade] XD and the translations were very well done by Grace!! XD and the typesetting was so prettyyyy and quickly done by Smiley. And all this wouldn’t be done if it wasn’t for Kiligaris who provided the scans and the scanner herself… but im not too sure anymore on who actually scans it, but awww I REALLY REALLY REALLY ARE INDEBTED TO YOU GUYS! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Well I didn’t get to release this chapter on time T_T. Reality called. I was on my way to work, and i saw this homeless guy. [ i really hate when people use the word “bum” to describe them. Jokingly-towards a friend it’s acceptable though. ] His leg was injured and he was asking for money. When the signal light turned green, a bunch of idiots threw trash at him and zoomed off. I was so pist… >_< and i didnt even have cash on me… except for my debit card. Hmmm too bad he couldn’t change into an ATM, but then one guy made this heart-touching effort and gave the homeless guy some money. “May god bless you” [even though im an agnostic.] Gosh, and sometimes i wonder how people can be such savages and oblivious to their own kind. Well i worked all day today, and it takes me about an hour to drive from work and back to my place, and I had to QC edit everything first. I’m really slow at it too, and QCing for [ RC-SCANS ] is different. QCing is pretty tough. A QCer is required to know pretty much everything an editor knows because they’re the ones who have to correct the mistakes. It’s not a simple job, but you get a lot of practice though. ^_^

When Smiley sent me the file, it was originally 108 MB. I had to find ways to break down the files… T_T without having to change the color depth. So now you have it, a file bout 18 MB big. Aren’t you glad? XD. Although, I do believe a lot of the pixels have been destroyed. And i must say, Eun-Yo is so hawt with short hair. XDDD [see picture in file]

Hmmm.. are you guys addicted yet? I am uber obsessed with Chiro, but only a few people seem to share the same interest. It’s a GREAT manhwa!!! >_> Get addicted. Listen to what Rice-ball-sama had said. T_T
[End of Rant; Enjoy your read]

Chapter 6 can be found here & I uploaded Chapter 7 RAW so you guys can get a glimpse of what is gonna happen next and how much EDITING/time it takes to produce a chapter. So be glad you don’t have to pay for it, and show your support by purchasing the hard-copy version. >_< urgh it still hasnt arrived in my bookstore yet even though it has been licensed for over a year now. T_T

4 Responses

  1. Yay!! Thank you very much for the new chapter!!

  2. That ?????? part was beautiful. :’]

  3. Thank you for all of your hard work T_T
    I luff all of you!

  4. I appreciate all the hard work you guys go. =3 I’m an editor myself, so I understand how much work goes into a chapter. [I’m really tired after all these Christmas and New Years releases. x_x]

    Thank you very much for so much of Chiro! X3 Much love~!!!

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