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The One Chapter 4b ^_-

  • The One Chapter 4b Credits:
    -Proofreader: Eva
    -Editor/Qcer/Proofreader: RC
    -Editor/Typesetter/Chinese Translator: Rain

See i released the chapter in time and still have 1 hour left before it’s the 31st of December =P lols. Well, anyways it’s time to rant. Firstly, Chiro Star Project, The Flower of Evil & The Bride of the Water God are MANHWAS. Manhwas NOT mangas. SO PLEASE STOP USING THE TERM MANGA TO ASSOCIATE WITH THEM. T_T Read the credits >_> I even specially wrote down “chinese” or “korean” translator to serve the purpose of getting readers to understand. Manhwas = Original language is Korean. Mangas = Original language is Japanese. Manhuas = Original language is Chinese. The One is a MANHUA and is not a MANGA. The difference is the country of origin.

For some, you might think, “ehhh, its not a big issue. w/e” Well it is a BIG issue because you’re being ignorant. When you read Translation Notes we leave, you’re suppose to understand a bit more of the language that we are translating to English. SO PLEASEEEEEEEEEE UNDERSTAND. Thank you.

Secondly, when i was proofreading The One, i had to go online to check out the correct spelling of some words and I’m very glad that Rain told me about how British spelling for English is different from American’s, and it does seem that the rest of the world use the same spellings as British people. Wikipedia Article on American and British English spelling differences. LOLS. I’m use to American spelling for everything, but i was confused when i was younger.. bout “gray” and “grey”, “color” and “colour” XD and didn’t know when to use the them. Of course, when i got older i understand to use only gray and color, but now I learned something new. ^_^
[End of Rant, Enjoy your read]

The release can be found in the forum.

8 Responses

  1. hiii!!!!

    thanx a looot for this release, really appreciate it! I liked your rant. I go to a british school and I’ve always been aware of the difference, its always been awkward for me to write on the forum specially since once somebody corrected how I spelled grey, lol.

    thanx for the release!

  2. Thank you so much for releasing the chapter of this amazing manga!… JOKING!!!! XDDD this amazing MANHUA! ahahah (ok, I’m being stupid -_-”)
    Actually, I knew those differences between AmE and BrE because we talked about that on classes very often. Though, now I can’t say what belongs to what part because I’m used to write in English on forums and stuff like that and I mess up the two (although I stopped having English lessons just last year @__@… Yeah I forget things easily…)
    This was too much, I’m sorry! xD Thank you once more! I loooove The One! =D I’m so happy!
    Happy new year to all of you amazing people!!! ;D

  3. thanks for the release XD
    hmm…i never knew the one was chinese guess i learned something new
    and the british/english spelling…in 4th grade i didn’t know that so i thought grey was spelled wrong… 😛
    and not that its important or anything and you might already know this but did you know that manhwa and manhua are pronounced the same
    thanks again

  4. wow im stupid…but i just never noticed it on mangaupdates…haha its chinese
    sry for the double post

  5. My pet peeve (after getting things straight about country origins and I thank you dearly for that!) is that the plural of “manga” is “manga” and I imagine it is the same for manhwa…

    it’s like saying “I’ve counted a lot of sheeps!” or something like that I can’t think of a good example… sorry XD

    But anyway, thanks for the release!!

  6. thank you 4 the release! i love this manhua!

  7. I always get confused with American and British English. I’m American and I remember the first time I saw “cheque.” I was utterly confused and totally thought it was a new word. I later figured out it was just the British spelling of “check.” I felt really stupid. ._.;

    Well, I wish you guys a Happy New Year’s and thank you so much for all of your hard work! =3 Love~

  8. Goosh I don’t know where thw forum is!
    I’m sooo blind!!! -____- And I want so much The One!
    Thanks for releasing it!
    You’re awesome!

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