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Finally, Ch14 of Habaek!

  • TBOWTG Chapter 14 Credits:
    -Scanner: Teqq
    -Korean Translator: Skylily
    -Editor/Typesetter/Proofreader: RC

LOLS, this was suppose to be released like 2 days ago, but i didn’t finish cloning the double pages.. and then… I discovered that two whole pages were missing translations. T_T oh dear… but anyways HAPPY BELATED NEW YEARS? lols. [never actually heard anyone say that before] Oh I feel so proud of myself ^_^ Finally, after soooo long we’ve released something that I actually edited on my own. I am no longer the fat boss who sits around and eats donuts. =] *pats self on back* It took me 3 days straight and bout a month to edit parts. [because I am a super slow editor who takes years to typeset just one single page. >_>] Oh and yes, I’ve noticed that some of you guys thank “me” for some releases. Actually releases can’t be made without an “editor”, a “typesetter”, a “scanner/raw provider” and a “translator” so when you just thank “me”, you forget that there are others who helped to make the release possible. I would love to hog all the glory to myself =P, but i can’t. and yea. BISHIE REVOLUTION IS A FORUM NOT A SCANLATION GROUP >_> URGH.

I love all you scanlation groups out there that allow non-members [of your forum] to download your releases. I seriously don’t have the time to post a million posts just to assess downloads. So thank you, <333, but unfortunately, Chapter 14 can only be found in the forum. [>_<] Lols, but no password is required. ^_-

Thank you for all your comments XD. Even though sometimes i do not reply, but i DO read them. =] Thank you!

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  1. Thank you for the great work. I really enjoy Habaek. The art is so beautiful.

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