Chapter 15 of Habaek. *Drools*

  • Chapter 15 Credits:
    -Scanner: Teqq
    -Korean Translator: Skylily
    -Editor/Typesetter: Akemi
    -Editor/Qcer/Proofreader: RC

Lols, congrats to Akemi for editing her first chapter for [ RC-SCANS ]

Okies, well this is our last release for this month. (T_T) So we wont be releasing anytime soon.. maybe not for another month. Well, anyways ENJOY HABAEK! He’s a hawtie. =P, but Eun-Yo [chiro star project] is hawter. >_< Oh yes, i’ve noticed that many of you say that The Bride of the Water God’s plot drags on and on.. and it’s slow. Yea yea.. we’re releasing it too slowly so you guys can’t really see much of a story development. Actually, in my opinion.. the author had really carefully thought of a storyline. In chapter 14, you see Nak-been [which is really the great emperor in disguise] and you find out, she was killed… and not just by anyone. The secret of Nak-been.. *rolls* [Which you won’t find out until the end of Volume 4] dun dun dun. =P. [unless you can read korean. >_<]

The release can be found in the forum: Forum No password ^_-

3 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for scanning Habaek! I can’t wait next month for the next release! 🙂

  2. I just found this manhwa and WOW it is gorgeous. I’m afraid the story is not going to have a happy ending. Don’t die, Habaek! T_T Hehe. The plot is not slow; it just takes its time, and is very poetic. Thank you for bringing us this wonderful series!

  3. Incredible, i love this manga and i dont think the plot is slow, in fact i love it how it is going, because sometimes i get desesperated of the same things that happens in the mangas, but this one has really good plots, ohh and i love the painted drawings very good, and the graphics too i just look at them all the time i want :p Thanks for the upload, love habaek! >.<

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