Habaek Volume 4

If you check mangaupdates, someone else released volume 4 of Habaek. I know some of the staff members were T_T, and I’m (O_O), but what can we do? Just think positive and try to finish up volume 3, and then when volume 5 comes out, work on that. XDDD. ^_- Anyways the Credits are for Chiresakura and Sweetsmile. For all you Habaek Lovers out there, enjoy volume 4 that they did. [ RC-SCANS ], by any means, did not participated in the production of volume 4. I am only sharing volume 4 since they have no site and am not responsible for anything and will not be credited for anything.

Volume 4

11 Responses

  1. Thank you for the link! I can’t wait for you guys to finish volume 3. Good luck with all your school work. 🙂

  2. I’m still waiting and hoping for you to finish the Volume 3! Go go go! 🙂 Still gonna support you guys! Good luck! And god speed!

  3. thanks for the link. you guys are busy and school is the first priority! i love you guys anyway. good luck with school and everything!

  4. Thank U so much!!


    Really, I love this manhwa

  5. Thanks for the upload! You all are doing a wonderful job. 🙂 I hope you do well in school! :3

    I hope I’m not spamming, but I’m gonna pimp out the TFL.org APPROVED fanlisting for Bride of the Water God. XD >> http://lostlolli.org/bride

  6. noooooooooo … your work is great … will wait patiently for RC scans to release … ^___^ Thanks for the hard work.

  7. YEss!! thank you!! good luck with your school work!! Really looking forward to volume3!!! ooo (not nagging or anythin) but any ideas when one chapter will be out?

  8. thanks for trying to translate and scan this manhwa. i know it’s really hard when you have school.. i have a part-time work too, so i can’t balance everything even if try to. anyways, thanks for the volume. i appreciate it! 😉

  9. OMG! OMG! Yey! Thank you! Thank you! \(^_^)/ I love you guys so much!!

  10. PS:
    Those guys who released them without any warning or whatsoever have no ethics. I mean, it’s an obvious rule in the scanlation community, even without written law, not to take other people’s projects, unless they’re dropped. If they want to speed things up, why not propose ajoin project instead, no? But there seem to quite a lot of those guys popping out now, especially in popular series. >_<

    I’m joining too! ^^; (As soon as I get back after my vacation. XD)

  11. thanks alot!!!
    im soo in love with this manwha!!!
    hehe i know its hard things take alot of time to finished it!!
    dont worry we all gonna be patient ^^

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