I am inactive, not the scan group.

As Skylily pointed out to me, [T_T and i think if i dont write this, she would kill me] >_> Many of our projects are being taken by other Fan to Fan groups. As i mentioned in my last post that we are taking a short break- i meant to say I was taking a short break. Our anniversary is coming up in 2 months. I, am inactive, however the rest of the scanlation group is pulling their weight and working conspicuously hard. We are not exactly “inactive” we are just preparing a big release for our anniversary which means a lot to me and Skylily. [This is what i was referring to as the “retribution” for my irresponsibleness] You might think “god, theyre taking so long!! T_T” but we are WORKING VERY HARD to keep up with everything. We are HUMANS, not scanlation pet slaves. I thank all those that are patient, but PLEASE youre just making things more hectic for us by doing chapters that we are producing, but just holding off for our anniversary.

Oh and the 2nd thing, we are probably only releasing chapters from our future projects’ list before our anniversary. For releases of our current projects, we’re holding off until our anniversary. ^_-

I admit, i havent done anything at all, but i give all the credits and tears to [ RC-SCANS ]’s staff. You guys have done so well and we will incontrovertibly pull through because of your efforts. Thank you all!!!!!

4 Responses

  1. sorry to hear that 😦 i now feel semi-guilty for being overly ecstatic when a release of one of your projects by other groups comes out. i guess i didnt really think about about what you guys felt about this. anyway . . . good luck! and thank you for all the past lovely scanlations.

  2. Rach-chan, you haven’t been taking care of your forum either…..

  3. 😦 i feel bad. but…. i’m being patient it’s ok. oh anyways? when’s the anniversary?? i wanna greet you guys|!!!

    Thanks for you hard works… even though some are inactive but still, thanks.

  4. I’m waiting with a full heart to see chapters 16-18 soon from you guys ^.^

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