About Us

[ RC-SCANS ] originally was a one-person scanlation group: only RC. However, she could not read Korean, so she had to find Korean Translators, and eventually discovered many people who were willing to help her.

It all started on one fine summer day; May 22nd, 2007 when RC got tired of waiting for a release of her most favorite Manhwa – Chiro Star Project. She then started getting ideas of creating a scanlation group, and had just recently bought a volume of Hissing. ^_^ [the very first project] and now walalala [ RC-SCANS ] was created. The group’s name derived from RC’s name; of course because it was for several weeks, just a one person team.

Now [ RC-SCANS ] is a hard-working group who tries to release MQ+ chapters on a regular basis.

  • As a scanlation group, RC does not believe in producing HQ scans for LICENSED projects just as some groups do not believe in scanlating projects that are licensed.
  • We do not own copyrights to any of our projects, but scanlate them for the enjoyment of personal use only.
  • We do not tolerate any plagiarism of our work.

2 Responses

  1. Flower Of Evil was really good (watched over the raws). I was a little curious if you wouldn’t mind scanlating any of these projects; Tokebi World (Wonderland) or Moon Boy (Monday Boy), or even Sentimentality (Sweet and Sensitive).

    If you like, I wouldn’t mind being hired! I have any kind of great skills, but I will work hard! I don’t know how to make it sound convincing.. ._.’

    Please reply back!

  2. I sent you a reply =]

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