Habaek Volume 4

If you check mangaupdates, someone else released volume 4 of Habaek. I know some of the staff members were T_T, and I’m (O_O), but what can we do? Just think positive and try to finish up volume 3, and then when volume 5 comes out, work on that. XDDD. ^_- Anyways the Credits are for Chiresakura and Sweetsmile. For all you Habaek Lovers out there, enjoy volume 4 that they did. [ RC-SCANS ], by any means, did not participated in the production of volume 4. I am only sharing volume 4 since they have no site and am not responsible for anything and will not be credited for anything.

Volume 4

Not very productive are we?

Okies, i know some of you are probably wondering, “why aren’t they releasing yet???”

T_T I really dont have a good excuse except for the fact that im being irresponsible. >_>  School is my FIRST priority
and my life comes next. I know, its selfish isnt it? but i dont get paid to scanlate. I cant just give up everything in my life for strangers… hmmm actually for unappreciative strangers. I know that lots of you are grateful but then theres always those out there that just dont give a damn. T_T

We are not coming to an end.  T_T Let’s call it a “short” break, and when the break is over, ^_^. Youll be happy. =]  I will be repenting for my irresponsibleness. >_> and i sincerely thank those who are helping me. >_< gah i love you guys. ^_^ and thank you to those readers that are patient.