The Bride of the Water God

Title: The Bride of the Water God
Scanlators: Entropy || [ RC-SCANS ]
Manwhaga: YOON Mi-kyung
Genre: Romance, Shoujo
Volumes: 4 (ongoing)
Licensed: Yes
Publisher: Dark Horse
[ From Entropy ]
Soah is a girl from a small village. The Water God is upset and so a long drought has been devestating the village people. In order to appease the god, they marry Soah off to him by sacrificing her to the Water God in exchange for rain. The Water God rescues her to his Water Kingdom, where her new life begins. For Soah, this is a story of her faith…her life…her love…

Volume 2

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61 Responses

  1. Hi, i love this manga, the history and draws are amazing, thank you very much for your work that make posible to read it.
    I hope your keep traslate this project.

  2. Thank you so VERY MUCH for all your time and work to offer these to the world. They are great titles! Many of those I know live in countries where they are not available (like one on an Island in the Indian Ocean I know). Your work spread in a small, but really important circle, bringing smiles to those around the globe. Thank you!

  3. This is an awesome series!! Incredible and stunning artwork, unique characters, a heroine that you really like and root for and gorgeous and mysterious men!
    Thank you so much for bringing us Bride of the Water God!! ^-^

  4. I just picked up the first volume of this last night and am desperately looking for volume 2 scanlations. The art is incredible and the story is excellent! The time and effort that you put into these releases are greatly appreciated.

  5. Thank you so much!!!! Please continue this project, because I can’t live without it!!!!!

  6. Thank you for scanning this manwha! I’m already hooked to Habaek, so please continue with this project. 🙂

  7. thank you so much!!
    i live in india so there are no mangas available .
    i would like to help anyway possible but i dont know any continenetal laguages 😦 but please continue

  8. I love this manga!!! it’s actually interesting. it reminds me of fushigi yugi!!! thanks for translating and scanning this manga!

  9. where can i find the korean scanlations?

  10. please continue

  11. just wanted to say thank you for scanlating this manhwa =D

  12. Hi. thanks for scanlating this manhwa, it’s just awesome!!!!
    i’m starving to read more!
    happy new year!

  13. Ehehe… You have no idea how much I fangirled when I saw that this was being scanlated.

    Keep up the good work~ :] ♥

  14. Amazing…Thanks for the scans, I’m starving too!

  15. I am loving this manga!! please continue the translations. I’m so in love with this story! Please keep up the good work!!!
    Thank you!!!

  16. I love this manhwa, its so good. Habaek is really cute. Thank you for the scanlations!!!!!!

  17. ohhhh thanks u guys 😀

  18. absolutely amazing! and awesome scans and translations! keep up the good work guyz and thanks again for ur efforts!

  19. This is stunning. Your scanlations are pure win! Thanks so much for tackling this project. ^_^

  20. thank you so much for the scans, please continue translating

  21. thank you

  22. translate more please!!looking forward to it!

  23. Just got Volume 2 from DArk Horse in the mail yesterday and was all OMG NO!!!!! at the end XD

    Since Dark Horse’s website only lists volumes 1 and 2 I’ve been in a bit of a panic wondering what happened next! So my deepest THANKS for scanlating volume 3!


  24. i like it a lot,kipe up the good work. and thanks.


    P.S: i also come from india/dxb hence inavailability of manhwa/manga and availability of loads of gratitude 2wards scanlation groups like urz!!!!

  26. lol @ distortedharmony.

    yea, i can’t say I don’t feel the charm of habaek either ^^;;

    thanks for doing this project ~ definately go at your own pace, we’re happy for the time you take & sharing it w/ us.

  27. WOW this manga is GREAT
    plz scanlate chp 16-18 thank you ^_^

  28. thank you very much for your releases, i am really captivated by this manwha “the bride of the water god”. hope you continue to scanlate more good projects in the future! =) YOU ROCK!

  29. THis manga rocks but wandering were chap 16-18 are

  30. dying for chap 16 -18 :'<

  31. Thanks so so so much for doing chaps 16-18. I really appreciate it! And thanks for all your work

  32. Thanks a lot for doing the 16-18!! Really cant wait to see what happen in the missing gap!!

  33. TY for the updates. Me’s really want 16-18 XD

  34. Oh my gosh this was awesome!

  35. I am soooo glad that you are doing what you are doing!

  36. By the way i was wondering if you could let me know where i would be able to find published volumes of the entire series? Ive only read up to chapter 7 but im hooked!

  37. hey can u guys tell me where I can find the 1ª chapter and etc? plis?^^

  38. The links are provided on my post up there where you can find the rest of the chapters. >_>

  39. where we can find chapter 16??? T.T

  40. We’ll be releasing chapter 16 ~ 18 on our 1st anniversary n_n

  41. Hoho! I will defintely be checking this site from late May onwards!!!

  42. Wow I’m gonna check back late this month too! But is 16-18 all that will be posted? what about chapter 34 onwards? Is it out yet? when does the author release the chapters and how frequently?

  43. oh and out of curiosity where (on which website) can I find the manhwa raw?

  44. woww =O cool! thank you very much! but, when is the anniversary ?^^
    I just can’t wait XD

  45. T_T i can find chapters 16, 17 and 18… T_T i’m goin’ crazy… plz somebody help me ;_; .

  46. please read the previous comments…

  47. Wait… I don’t get it… why are 16~18 being scanlated later if the chapters after that are already done? ;__; Somebody please explain to me… I’m so confused…

    Is it the same story? Or a sidestory? Will the plot be confusing to me without the chapters… or is it okay to read after those chapters…???

    *doesn’t get it* Sorry ^^;;;;; -___-

  48. *pat pat winterRose*

    Its okays XD lols.
    Well its not a side story and you might want to go back and read everything again once we release these chapters because chapters 16-18 are being done by [ RC-SCANS ] and then we will drop the bride of the water god because ChireSakura is now doing the project. The latest releases are V5 Chapters 34-36.

    There was a misunderstanding which has been resolved. Just wait till the 23rd of May. =]

  49. ooooh okay! ^^ thank you~~ i just read up ’til chapter 15 yesterday. :3 i’m excited for chaps 16~18, and i’m gonna wait and let the suspense build. ^^ hehe~~

    thank you for scanlating these chaps!!~~~

    i really love this story ^__^

  50. ch.16…ch. 16…ch. 16…when is your anniversery??….
    i can’t wait…i love this manwha sooo much! it was the first one i ever read…korean drawing is soooo elegant…*cough cough*…i mean…pretty…=]

  51. ahh! when is it coming out! been referring to the website almost everyday now. :/

  52. Happy anniversary!!! Now I would like the presents, please…
    CH16-18 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Hi
    Just wanted to ask when and were are the chapters 16-18 going to be ut online and were..
    It’s already past your aniversary and I’m starting to lose control of my anxiety! 😛

    Please, when and where… and will anyone be able to download it, or do I have to register and post?

    Thanks 🙂 Good work! 😉

  54. Where can i find ch 16-18? There are not here … Please, i really love this manhwa.

  55. About a month ago, you made ChireSakura promise not to publish Ch 16-18 because you want to publish them for your anniversary and not have your efforts translating them go to waste.

    It’s been 3 days since your anniversary.. 😦

  56. thanxs for the chapters 🙂


  58. Like the others said you wanted to publish ch. 16-18 on 23th may… but now it´s already June 1st … if you can´t make it in time just don´t say you will upload it on your anniversary )=

  59. omg, to all those whingers going on about ch16-18 not being released on time, get a life. cos i’m sure the lovely people who are translating and editing for your benefit have one, and they surely have better things to do than cater to your whims and fancies. besides, they’ve got those chapters out already – even before june 1st. would you use your brain and take a look around on the internet before you make false accusations.

    rant aside, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE SCANS. your work is very much appreciated by me at least 😀

  60. Please check ppl..

    THANKS so much for the scans that you guys have put up!!!

  61. Yes I found it -since its hard to find volume 2 here TT_TT- I would like to sincerely thank you for scanlating it-does a happy dance-

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