The Snow Queen

Title:The Snow Queen
Scanlators: [ RC-SCANS ]
Manwhaga: Ji Wan/Yoon’s Color
Genre: Drama || Shoujo || Romance || Tragedy
Volumes: 1 (Complete)
Licensed: No
Publisher: N/A
[ From [ RC-SCANS ] ]
There once was a man called the most briliant intellect. And a woman with everything standing at the death’s door. Their hearts are so completely frozen solid that nothing could melt them. What kind of light was it that could melt their hearts? ……Love…? If the answer was love, isn’t it beyond absurdity?

Volume 1


5 Responses

  1. I really liked the first chapter… thanks for the release

  2. Lols. its a manhwa by Wann..
    Of course i love all of Wann’s artworks.

    OR.. i think it is.. cuz the artwork is the same T_T



    i love it!

  4. when i was read snow queen for some reason i got the feeling i was reading Cant Lose You
    maybe due to the drawing or my fatigue

  5. totally in love with this chap! Can’t wait to get more. thanks you guys!

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