I would like to thank all those in the past and even the ones now, for their hard work without any pay.


  • Alex
    -Position: Co-admin
  • Eva
    -Position: Co-admin


      • Alexandra
        -Positions: Editor/Typesetter/Qcer
      • ilovecake
        -Position: Editor
      • Jade
        -Position: Editor
      • Scribz
        -Position: Editor
      • Sweetcake
        -Position: Editor


      • Bluerose
        -Position: Korean Translator
      • Ellen
        -Position: Korean Translator
      • Esthurr
        -Position: Korean Translator
      • Jae
        -Position: Korean Translator
      • Liyana
        -Position: Chinese Translator
      • Tiffany
        -Position: Korean Translator


      • N
        -Position: Hissing Scanner

      One Response

      1. Hello I was wondering if The One is still being active. I absolutely love the manga. Um if you need any assistance with it you can contact me through Manga Abyss as Celebrate, I am an editor. Just putting myself out there. But I love this group as well so I just wanted to see how everything is and wanted you to know that you are highly appreciated and I hope that you never quit or anything.^^ well anyway keep up the good work and email me ^^

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