Title: Hissing
Scanlators: JanimeS || Trapnest || [ RC-SCANS ]
Manwhaga: KANG Eun Young
Genre: Romance, Drama, Shoujo, Comedy
Volumes: 6
Licensed: Yes
Publisher: Ice Kunion

[ From Ice Kunion ]
Da-Eh, an aspiring comic artist, comes across Sun-Nam, a softie whose ultimate goal is simply to become a ‘tough guy’. Seon-Nam is gradually attracted to Da-Eh, but it seems like the bond between them is turning out to be a curse. Da-Eh and Seon-Nam fell in love with each other, not knowing that they are connected by a complicated family history. Da-Eh’s mother and Seon-Nam’s father had an affair before they were killed in a car accident. On top of that, they also gave birth to Da-Eh’s brother, Da-Hwa!


*Scanlated by JanimeS
**Scanlated by Redmadness


2 Responses

  1. really sad that u drop this series

  2. T_T why did you stop translating hisssing.. this manhwa is really good

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