Releases + NEWS!

Okies. Yep Yep. XDD Finally we release, but they’re only teasers. XDD. I uploaded the releases onto the server to see how much bandwidth you guys will consume and im testing out our server. XD There will be no hotlinking with our server releases even if youre an official host.

Since The Bride of the Water God has become such a hassle for us, we will be dropping it after Chapters 16-18 and the scanlation of the rest of the chapters will be done by another group.

There are some things i am in the process of doing:

  1. Creating the new forum:
    I wont be updating Bishie Revolution Forum. We are only really using it now as a place for the scan group to talk. I’m preparing the new board. >_< and i hope its up and running by the time our anniversary comes.
  2. Creating the new website:
    When the website is done and finished with. All our releases will be PUBLIC. They will be hosted onto the site so its not required for you to register in the forum and request for a password. But it would be nice if you guys visited the board too ^_-

Now back to our releases: FATE CHAPTER 1 + THE SNOW QUEEN CHAPTER 00

  • Credits for The Snow Queen Chapter 00:
    • Translator: Skylily
    • Proofreader/Qcer: Akemi
    • RAW Provider: Unknown
    • Editor/Typesetter: LIChaos
  • Credits for Fate Chapter 1:
    • Editor/Qcer: RC
    • Translator: Skylily
    • RAW Provider: Kiligaris
    • Editor/Typesetter: adma
    • Proofreader: Wolfdances
      • To show how much you appreciate us XDD, from 1-10 [10 being the highest] rate how interesting each manhwa is.

What everyone is wondering about now…





IN MAY, 2008!!!


Some of you… scratch that, MOST of you, if not all, are wondering exactly when in May.
All I can tell you is that it’s sometime in late May. We want to keep it as a surprise.
We will be releasing mass load of chapters as stated above, including Chiro Star Project, The Flower of Evil, The Bride of the Water God, and handful of manhwas listed in the future project section.

We have already piled up lots of chapters.
If you would like to help us in celebrating our anniversary, we would love your help!!

Until then, please be patient. We promise you won’t be disappointed!!

See you all in May~!!! ❤
Be well and prepare for some major Manhwa reading!!


ps. Some of our new projects’ first chapters will be released soon as teasers. n __~

I am inactive, not the scan group.

As Skylily pointed out to me, [T_T and i think if i dont write this, she would kill me] >_> Many of our projects are being taken by other Fan to Fan groups. As i mentioned in my last post that we are taking a short break- i meant to say I was taking a short break. Our anniversary is coming up in 2 months. I, am inactive, however the rest of the scanlation group is pulling their weight and working conspicuously hard. We are not exactly “inactive” we are just preparing a big release for our anniversary which means a lot to me and Skylily. [This is what i was referring to as the “retribution” for my irresponsibleness] You might think “god, theyre taking so long!! T_T” but we are WORKING VERY HARD to keep up with everything. We are HUMANS, not scanlation pet slaves. I thank all those that are patient, but PLEASE youre just making things more hectic for us by doing chapters that we are producing, but just holding off for our anniversary.

Oh and the 2nd thing, we are probably only releasing chapters from our future projects’ list before our anniversary. For releases of our current projects, we’re holding off until our anniversary. ^_-

I admit, i havent done anything at all, but i give all the credits and tears to [ RC-SCANS ]’s staff. You guys have done so well and we will incontrovertibly pull through because of your efforts. Thank you all!!!!!

Habaek Volume 4

If you check mangaupdates, someone else released volume 4 of Habaek. I know some of the staff members were T_T, and I’m (O_O), but what can we do? Just think positive and try to finish up volume 3, and then when volume 5 comes out, work on that. XDDD. ^_- Anyways the Credits are for Chiresakura and Sweetsmile. For all you Habaek Lovers out there, enjoy volume 4 that they did. [ RC-SCANS ], by any means, did not participated in the production of volume 4. I am only sharing volume 4 since they have no site and am not responsible for anything and will not be credited for anything.

Volume 4

Under Construction

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